Monday, December 14, 2009

Healthcare Reform - Afghan Style

The following was taken directly from the website of the Afghan Health and Development Services 2008 Annual Report.  It tells a chilling story of the actual events going on in Afghanistan, including kidnappings, beatings, and killing of Afghan health care workers by insurgents.   

 Kandahar and Urozgan provinces were very unstable in this year. Traveling back and forth between places was very dangerousAlthough maintaining current activities were not easy, expansion became very difficult. The sufferings were very slow expansion compared to what was planned, late implementation, high turnover of staff and less frequent supervisions.
Incidents with direct effect during 2008:
  • Temporary closure of Hadeera CHC, Khas Urozgan CHC and Babur BHC due to heavy fighting
    Nahr-i-Robat BHC staff were kidnapped (health facility in charge, vaccinator, CHS and driver) and the vehicle was robbed.
    Rockets fired partially crushed Chora CHC and Khas urozgan CHC buildings few times 
  • Temporary closure of Hadeera CHC as local police occupied the building
  • Insurgents attacked House-e-Madad BHC and killed the midwife; Mrs. Zarghona
  • Gunmen robbed mobile phones of the night duty staff and burned the ambulance
  • Insurgents threatened Maywand, Zheray, Khakriz staff to stop working for government and NGO
  • The female staff of Zheray, Maywand and Senziri facilities resigned due to insecurity
  • Maywand CHC and 26 health posts in Zheray were closed after verbal and written warning from insurgents
  • Insurgents kidnapped a CHW of Chora for 2 days and CHS of Oshey 3 days (both released by community members’ intervention)
  • Insurgents fired on supervision team in Panjwaie District, EPI supervisor was injured and the vehicle heavily damaged
  • Gunmen attacked on vaccination outreach team in Arghandab; the rental vehicle was stolen and the vaccinator and driver were released after being in hostage for five hours
  • Three month medical supply of Chenartoo BHC was looted on the way by insurgents
  • Doctor and guard of CHC were badly beaten by insurgents on the way to Khas-Urozgan 

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  1. What can we do to help young Afghan physicians medical residencies in USA?

    "In the 2010 class of residents, some 13% of slots are filled by non-U.S. citizens who completed medical school outside the U.S." ~ WSJ

    By making more Afghan physicians in USA, we'll help the motherland in the long run.